10 Ways To Beat The Fall Funk

There is no denying that Pumpkin Spice Lattes, crunching leaves on the sidewalk, and decorating your home with gourds and autumn scented candles bring us ladies some serious joy…but there is also something about the seasons changing that can put us in a bit of a funk. 

Summer time may have been spent poolside, sipping your raspberry mojito, and getting that perfect “glow”,  so the change to 60-70 degree days can really throw you off. Although if you were like me then you may have just blasted that A/C and started pretending it was fall a few weeks earlier anyway… Regardless if you were happy to see fall go or sad you had to go back to wearing “real” clothes instead of a swimsuit everyday, the change of a season can be hard. 

Maybe it’s this colder weather, going back to school or sending your kids back to school, or maybe it’s just the sense that time is moving all too quickly and we can’t quite get a good enough grip to slow it down! 

Well I know that I am no stranger to the “fall funk”. Something about the sunshine hiding behind the clouds and feeling cooped up inside all day can make me feel sad or anxious. But this year I am changing my ways and I want you to come along with me to beat this fall funk. To truly be able to embrace the season and all the joy you see everyone else having, but you can’t seem to find it yourself. 

So here are some things I am doing to get out of the funk and truly enjoy this season of all things pumpkins and crunchy leaves! 

 Go for walks

With the weather cooling down it can make you feel like staying home in your pjs and watching a movie. That is great, but only in moderation. Fight the temptation to stay indoors and instead get your blood flowing. If you are like me then you may need to bundle up in seven layers, only to have to carry six of them on the way back. Do whatever it takes and grab your family and get outdoors. If you have kids (or not) spend time crunching the leaves or watching them change colors every time you go for a walk. Don’t spend too much time admiring the trees from the window. Get out and embrace it all! 

Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte (or your drink of choice) with a friend

When September rolls around life tends to get busier. Maybe you or your kiddo started school, sports, or some other activities that take up all your time. It can be hard to allow yourself to find time to unwind. Make it a priority for you to grab your favorite drink with your friends to talk and laugh. If you are a mom and can’t find a babysitter, meet up at the park and talk while the kids are playing! You deserve some time to unwind and laugh with a friend! 

Create a Fall Tradition with your Family

What were some things you did, as a kid, around fall time? Take a trip to the pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins, go apple picking, or maybe just having a picnic under the pretty tree in your yard! Find something that is easy enough to do for your family every year. Traditions are a great way to really bring out the joy of the holidays that are quickly approaching. 

Take a Bath

I absolutely cannot tell you enough times how much I hate being cold. Maybe it’s the California girl in me, but I just don’t do cold well. When I feel cold it instantly stresses me out and I want to be somewhere else where it’s warm and I can relax. Taking a bath is a great way to do just that. Grab your favorite scented bath bomb, throw it in your steaming bath, and enjoy! If you are a mom and thinking “When will I have time for that?!” Do not feel guilty about letting those dirty dishes stay awhile longer and jump in the bath! Maybe during nap time, after the kids have gone to bed, or while your husband or friend is over and willing to watch them for a while. We all deserve a bath! 

Read a Good Book

Nothing says fall more than curling up with your blanket, coffee, and favorite book! Again if this only happens during nap time or after the kids have gone to bed then thats okay! Give yourself time to indulge in a book where your mind can escape the stress that a new season can bring. This will help you feel refreshed and give you some YOU time! Some of my favorite books are Redeeming Love, Choosing Real, and Breaking Free.

Light the Candles 

I know you bought them all so why not burn down that wick a little bit? Maybe set them all up on the table to have a romantic candlelit dinner with your hubby. Or a fun candlelit night with the kids! Take a moment to remember the things you are thankful for as you breath in its sweet scent. If you are more into essential oils then grab some fake candles to add some fun flicker to your home and turn on the diffuser! 

Bake Together

Together could mean with your husband, with your kiddos, or with friends. Whoever you are craving some quality time with ask them to come and bake your favorite fall treat with you. As the smell of an apple crisp fills the house and you are laughing alongside those who you love, you are sure to find that joy in the approaching holiday season. 

Spend Time with God

I don’t know if you believe or not, but I had to add this one because it is crucial to finding joy in this season. Like I mentioned before this season can be very busy as everyone is getting back into the swing of things and mothers are quickly preparing for the holidays. So sitting down with God might be the last thing on your mind. In all honesty though, it’s the one thing that you need! We can do all those other things on the list, but this is where true joy is found. When we share our hearts with God. Share with him the funk that you are feeling. Allow for Him to speak to you. If you don’t find time to do anything but one thing then this is it right here!

Call a Family Member 

Whether it be your mom, sister, dad, cousin, or whoever it might be. Give someone who you miss a phone call. Our lives can get so busy that we forget to invest in those we love the most. Take some time not only for them, but for yourself also. Be encouraged and encourage. Catch up on life and laugh together. 

Give Yourself Permission to Say “No”

Are you feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities? Maybe you were asked to be the “class mom” or to come to a party that you just have no time for. Allow yourself to disappoint. I know it is so easy to go into people pleaser mode especially during this season when everyone has so much going on.  But if you would rather stay home snuggling your kids and watching a movie all day than go to a party then allow yourself permission! I’m not saying that you need to say “no” to everything, but if you feel overwhelmed and you need a break then allow yourself to do what you want to do. 


If you read through each of these descriptions then you might have seen a common theme of laughter. This is so important for our souls. Find time to do things that will make you laugh. This season of fall can bring out a funk in all of us, but fight back and give yourself the best season of all! 

What are some things that you do to help fight the fall funk? I would love to hear from you! 

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