15 Dates For Colder Weather

Dating is a crucial part of relationships. At the beginning of a new relationship, you date so you can get to know each other. You ask the questions that are most important to you… “Do you like dogs?” “Are you a fan of Netflix?” All very important questions… 

As the relationship continues you date to stay connected. The questions shifts to “How has work been going?” or “Are you enjoying that class you are taking?” 

Maybe going on a date is a time for you two to just relax in silence away from the kids! Whatever it is, it’s crucial to any healthy relationship.

We need to Date!

I often hear about the importance of dating when you have kids and don’t get me wrong that is important, but I believe it also very important before you have kids as well. I often feel as though we don’t need to go on a date because we hang out just the two of us every night, but it is so important to have that time where a date is initiated. It makes the other person feel loved and important. Plus it gets you out of your normal routine to go and do something fun together. 

I’m excited to share with you some super fun winter date ideas, especially since moving to a bigger city has allowed me to broaden my date ideas. If you do not live in a big city, don’t fret! There are plenty of ideas listed below that any one can do, regardless of where you live. 

My Top 15 Winter Date Ideas:

Go for a date at your local coffee shop

Enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee (or if you are like us, hot chocolate) while you reconnect. Take time to discuss life and how things are going. This is a great date idea when you don’t have much time, but just need to reconnect! 

Bundle up for a walk

I know what you might be thinking…”Breezy, it’s snowing! There is no way I am going for a walk!” In that case I can understand that, but on those days where the sun is shining a bit brighter and the snow has cleared up a bit, get outside! If it’s just a short walk because it is just to freezing than that’s okay! I find that my best conversations with my husband come when we are out for a walk. 

Go to the movies 

I feel like this one is often overlooked as a date once you get married. You can’t do much talking so it feels pointless to call it a date. Here is the thing…this is a great date! It is all about having fun and reconnecting together. That doesn’t always have to happen through conversation. Snuggle up next to each other during the movie and hold hands as you leave. Remember those times you went to the movies as a new couple and how giddy it made you feel to hold their hand. 

Indoor Picnic

I absolutely love this idea! The cold weather can really put a damper on your usual outdoor adventures so instead bring them indoors! Grab a picnic blanket, a basket full of food, and enjoy a meal in the warmth of your living room as you look out the window at the rain, snow, or clouds. 

Game Night

If you have read some of my other posts than you know I mention games all the time! We love love love playing games! This could be something you add onto the indoor picnic as well. It is such a fun way to be a little competitive and laugh together. As I always mention…here are some of my favorite games: Farkle, Boss Monster, Banangrams, and Othello.

Take a scenic drive

There are so many beautiful places to discover all around us. Take some time to enjoy the ride and maybe even stop somewhere to grab a bite to eat. You can even bring something like these table topics to answer questions you wouldn’t think of along the way. It is a fun way to reconnect and enjoy being out of the house. 

Go Ice Skating

Now I did not grow up near an ice skating rink so I know this can be difficult for some of you, but honestly it might be worth a bit of a drive! It is a fun date where you or your sweetie can show off their moves! And don’t feel bad being a little cheesy while you do this! Wear some cozy gloves and hold hands as you skate around the rink. This is such a fun winter date ideas. 

Plan a movie night in

Plan is a very important word in this one! I know we often will have impromptu movie nights because we don’t know what else to do, but take time to plan this date! Fill your living room with your favorite blankets, pop some popcorn, rent a movie from the store (or buy Fever Pitch because it is the best movie ever), surround yourself with pillows, and grab your favorite treat! I like to bake brownies for this. I am really excited about this one because I am currently planning it for tomorrow night! 

Bake your favorite treat

My hubby and I love to bake new things together. We have so much fun trying new things then sitting down to enjoy it afterwards. The other plus side is that you can warm up the house by having the oven going then enjoy a nice warm treat afterwards. 

Plan a candlelit dinner at home

Grab some beautiful candles and set the table for a romantic dinner. This is another one where it is important to plan. I say that because your spouse will feel most loved when you plan something special for them. This is a great way to turn down the lights and reconnect over a yummy dinner…or pizza! No shame in that. 

Go to a holiday event

Cities always have some fun activity going on for the holiday season. Take time to go together and enjoy the event. Maybe even drive around and look at christmas lights together. It really allows you to get in the holiday spirit and enjoy the season together. 

Go see a show

I know some men may not be a fan of this one, but he will enjoy watching the smile come to your face! Moving to a bigger city has really opened up this opportunity for us. We were always able to go and see a play or something in our old town, but now we get to see Broadway shows! 

Extend that pillow talk

I really love that moment where we snuggle up and talk about our day. It is a great time for us to stay warm and talk about all that happened in our day. Make it into a date by sneaking in a special treat, maybe even play a game with a deck of cards, and relax! 

Visit a hot springs and get a massage 

This may not be your mans cup of tea, but I think men enjoy it more than they’ll admit. Relax together in the hot tubs then enjoy a couples massage for the ultimate date. I know this one can be a bit pricey, but if you feel like you and your husband could really use it then it is so worth it. My husband and I planned this one for our anniversary and I think he ended up liking it more than I did! 


Bowling is a great way to feel like you are going out on an actual date! Plus they are usually pretty warm inside when you are wanting to escape the cold. This is one of our favorite things to do not only in the winter, but in the summer when we want to escape the heat also. 

I hope you have the best winter yet by trying out some of these date ideas! I have been challenging my husband and I to do all these dates this winter because we can get so busy with life and family that we forget to just enjoy being together. 

What are some of your favorite winter date ideas?! 

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