20 Products Every Engaged Couple Needs On Their Registry

The most exciting part of wedding planning has finally come! You are strolling through the aisles of Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond scanning this and that. Creating your wedding registry is by far some of the most fun and frustrating times engaged couples have. It’s fun because you get to scan whatever the heck you want, but it can be frustrating when you don’t agree on something!

Today I am helping you simplify it down and making sure you didn’t forget anything whiling zooming through the aisles. There are so many things that it often can become overwhelming.

Should we get blue or green towels for the kitchen? What if I actually want to have a red kitchen?! Those decisions can be tough so I am here to take away some of the stress and tell you what you really need!

After being married a year and a half now, these are the products that we got from our wedding that we absolutely love!

Top 20 Wedding Registry Must Haves

These first five, I hope, are no brainers!


1. Crock Pot or Instapot 

Instapots are all the rage these days and we are fortunate enough to have an instapot and a crock pot! We love them both but I have yet to perfect the instapot so I’m gonna have to say Crock Pot is higher priority for us!

2. Mixing Bowls

For some reason mixing bowls never come in the “prettiest” colors, but I love these! They have a rubber bottom to keep it from slipping around and a nice lip for pouring.

3. Cast Iron Skillet

We may have just got this for Christmas, but we love it so much that I had to put it on here. We have used it almost everyday since we got it and I am not joking when I say that it made our chicken taste 100 times better!

4. Baking Dishes

I use these all the time! I love that they have lids and match along with our next item…

5. Pyrex Storage Containers

We use these every day! I put leftovers in them and use them to put my husbands lunch in for work. You are not going to want to miss out on these!

6. Baking Pans

If you have ever craved a chocolate chip cookie then you need these! It would be a real shame to have to go the store and buy one when you are in desperate need of that cookie!

7. Corelle Dishware

I have banged, dropped, and smacked these plates on just about everything but they have never broken! I love how sleek they look, but most of all, I love that they don’t break!

8. Measuring cups and Spoons

We love these measuring cups and spoons. We use them every single day and they are still in great shape!

9. Wooden Spoons

Now I linked the wooden turners on this one, but I suggest registering for both because they are so handy. I like them much more than the plastic ones and use them daily!

10. Pots and Pans

These pots and pans are affordable enough that someone will actually buy them for you and they work great! originally we had these super expensive, but nice looking, pots and pans on our registry and they turned out to be awful. Luckily my husband was house sitting for someone at the time who had the same ones we registered for and we realized how bad they were! We quickly changed our registry! These ones have been so good to us! A year and a half later and they still don’t stick.

11. Cooling Rack

If you want those cookies to be absolutely delicious then this is also a must have!

12. Cookbooks

I highly suggest picking out a couple cook books to throw on your registry. We use ours all the time and have made some amazing things!

13. Bed Sheets

These are actually the sheets I want right now, but they are out of stock in pink currently… But we love flannel sheets and all sheets can be a bit on the pricey side so this is a great item to put on your registry.

14. Throw Pillows

Pillows are surprisingly pricier than I expected so this is another great item to throw on your registry if you find some that you love! It’s always fun for people to get you a cute homey gift.

15. Throw Blankets

I had to “throw” this one on here too because I am obsessed with blankets. I love being gifted with a new blanket so if there is a certain one or color you want then put it on your registry!

16. Games

I linked our favorite game for you! Games were such a fun gift to get and it mixes things up from the ordinary registry!

17. Rugs

For your bathroom, entry way, or hallway! You will need lots of rugs so find one you like and press add!

18. Bookshelf

It’s important to put big items on the registry also. What furniture will you and your soon to be spouse need? 

19. Bath Towels 

Odds are, you aren’t going to go out and buy yourself some fancy bath towels. When you have a wedding registry put what you really would love because you may be surprised! 

20. Gift Card

It is always a great idea to give people an option for gift cards. My husband and I had so much fun picking out what we needed after we had everything unpacked in our new little apartment. I don’t care what anyone says, gift cards are a GREAT gift!


Do you have a wedding coming up? Are you a newlywed? What are some must haves for your wedding registry?! Be sure to enjoy the time you have with your soon to be spouse as you pick out what you need to call your house/apartment, home! 

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20 Must Have


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