5 Things I am Trying This Month To Help Beat Anxiety

If you have been following my story for a while now then you know that I have gone through some seasons where everything is great and I feel fine, but also seasons where I feel anxiety pressing down hard onto my mind and life. Unfortunately these past few weeks have been really hard on me and I am on a quest to find relief. 

If you are like me and struggle with anxiety then you know the need for immediate relief, but also long term relief. This month I am challenging myself to be more proactive in my fight against the anxiety instead of just wishing and praying it away. 

So here is what I am doing this month to fight it and I will update you at the end of the month on how each of these is effecting my anxious life. 


The other day my mom sent me about 3 to 4 articles on how exercise can cure my anxiety. I’ve never been one to love exercising but I also don’t hate it. So I decided I would give it a try. After doing research I concluded that I needed to do about 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. Although I don’t have to do aerobic exercise, it is supposed to increase my chances of helping with anxiety if I do. So for now I decided on a walk jog. I will jog as long as I can and if it isn’t 30 minutes then I will continue to walk or do some yoga to make up for the rest of the time. I’m hoping that putting exercise on this list will keep me accountable to working out. I will keep a schedule so I can give you the full run down at the end of the month. 

GABA Supplements 

Next are GABA supplements. I never really thought herbal remedies worked when it came to our health, but after being prescribed Xanax and Ativan I decided I would much rather give the herbal remedies a try before resorting to the pharmaceutical. I do want to say that if the GABA isn’t helping then I may switch to another supplement, but I will update this if I decide too. Some of the other supplements I have been looking into trying are Chamomile, lavender, and passionflower. The GABA supplement I choose was Olly Goodbye Stress because it is just a chewable gummy which is a little less intimidating for me since I have a hard time taking medicine… I also have PharmaGABA that was given to me by a friend that I might try out this month as well.    Just a little update on this: My therapist suggested 5-HTP supplements so I will now try those for the times I feel anxious! Here is the brand that I have, Natrol 5-HTP Fast Dissolve Tablets.

 Eating Anxiety Fighting Foods

I know all you health fanatics out there are thinking, “Yes eat healthy and exercise and it will solve all your problems!!” But it is much easier said than done. I have done a little research to see what foods help fight anxiety and it is pretty simple. Basically eat healthier. This is a challenge for me because I have a MAJOR sweet tooth but honestly getting my mental health back is way bigger than that. I am excited to try this healthier lifestyle and see if it has as big of an effect on my mental health as everyone says it will! 


For a whole year now I have been against going to therapy. I didn’t want to admit that I was really struggling. I wanted it to just go away. Unfortunately that isn’t happening so I decided it was time to take this step. I have my first appointment next week and I am really looking forward to it. My hope is that I can get some tools on how to calm myself down when the anxiety begins to rise and eventually be okay with being a little adventurous. 


As a homebody I LOVE to work from home, but it does get quite lonely. I also believe it has been contributing to the anxiety I have been having. So I am challenging myself to make more appointments with friends and instead of working at home all day, going to a coffee shop and work . Then while I’m there, I will try to meet new people. I wouldn’t say that I have social anxiety ( I actually think being around friends helps) but I just prefer to be home sometimes. So for my final challenge I need to go out and be more social. 

If you are struggling with anxiety as well then, 1) I’m sending hugs and prayers your way and 2) I really hope I can help you find a solution as I am looking for mine. I know what it’s like to live this way and I don’t know about you, but I have had enough! I am praying I am able to find some relief through these things and I know it may not happen this month, but I hope these will begin the process of healing my overactive neurons! 

Any other suggestions on what I could try to help with anxiety? In all honesty, like I mentioned before, I really do not want to take medication for it. The side effects themselves give me anxiety! So this is my quest to heal as naturally as possible. I look forward to hearing from you! 


5 Things I'm Trying (2)5 Things I'm Trying (1)5 Things I'm Trying

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