5 Things I Learned About My Husband After We Got Married

Logan and I have been married almost a year now! June 18th 2017 will be our very first anniversary and man has it flown by fast! We’ve had some really great times and some really tough times, but through it all we have grown stronger and have learned to lean on Christ more and more. 

Here is a list of things that I have learned about Logan after we got married. I was surprised by some things whereas other things I knew about, but now know to a greater extent. I think you ladies may find some of these pretty relatable! 

1. He HATES finding my hair all over the house

I don’t think I have ever heard someone complain so much about hair until I got married. Every single day, I hear about all the places he has found my hair. Typically it is stuck to the bottom of his feet and all over our bathroom floor, counter, and sink… 

There have been days when I try to find every piece of hair I can to vacuum it up (like a good wife would do…) so when he gets home he won’t get covered in all my hair. But by the time he is home, the hair is all over the place again. I honestly am surprised I even have hair on my head! I have gotten to the point where I just laugh and threaten to cut it all off if it bothers him so much. That usually stops the hair comments pretty quickly. 

2. He knows how to take care of me

Of course I made sure I was marrying a guy who could take care of me before I said “I do”, but  getting to see it in action has really blown me away. He works so hard so that he will be able to provide for me, but on top of that he knows how to care for me emotionally. 

During my season of frequent panic attacks, he quickly learned what I needed. Some days that meant he would just hold me while I cried whereas other days it meant he would put me in my running shoes and get me out of the house. Now, he knows I do my best to keep from thinking about anxiety at all so if I mention something about it he is quick to get me doing something that will distract my thoughts. 

3. He makes a mean breakfast

I don’t know how it is in your house but in the Williams household, Logan is in charge of breakfast and I am in charge of dinner. Lunch varies but typically breakfast is Logan, dinner is Breezy. I am so beyond thankful that Logan is a total breakfast chef. Every once in a while I will make breakfast if I am ready first but I swear I can never get my breakfast to taste as good as when Logan does it. I feel like I do the exact same thing! 

Not to mention his bacon making skills. For whatever reason, I just plain suck at making bacon.. Every time I try, Logan has to come take over because I’m apparently not doing it correctly. This skill was one thing I am so glad I learned about him. Plus he enjoys doing it! 

4. He finds a purpose for EVERYTHING

I’m talking egg cartons, old salsa jars, clothes, boxes, and much much more. I think it is safe to say that Logan is a pretty crafty guy. He likes to make new things from old things, which is great, but can sometimes lead to collections of random junk (in my opinion) all over the house. 

Now I will say some of his ideas have been pretty good… It’s just the actually doing them part that doesn’t really happen. I give him grace because he is very busy with school, work, and taking care of me, so we had to put some projects on hold…at least until he graduates. He is much better about getting rid of things now, for the most part… He currently is stowing away a bunch of twisty ties on his desk at work though… 

5. He has a great desire to serve God in everything he does

This is another one that I did know about before we got married but now I get to see this played out in our marriage and hear more about the way he wants to serve in other aspects of his life as well. Every once in a while we will be sitting at home together and he will tell me about how he needs to do more for God. It is so beautiful to see his heart for Christ.

We recently started asking each other “How did you see Jesus today?” at the end of each day. Logan is always thinking “Man I don’t know, I should have done more to see Him,” then will tell me about some really cool way he was able to see Jesus. Logan has a true servants heart and I’m so excited to be able to do life with him and see the ways he is leading us to serve God.

Being married to Logan has been such an adventure and it hasn’t even been a year yet! He is constantly surprising me and showing me his heart. Daily I am reminded of how unique Christ made us and how He put Logan and I together so that we could better bring glory to Him. 

What are some things you have learned about your spouse since getting married? I would love to hear! 


5 Things I learned about my husband after getting married

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