6 Ways To Care For Your Spouse When They Have A Cold

You know how you often hear women bashing their husbands for becoming total babies when a cold hits? Well, in my house I have to admit that this is just not true. I am the one that is a complete baby about being sick and my husband handles it pretty well. 

Friends, the cold weather is coming which means so are all the wonderful germs that come with it… Last December I felt like I got a cold every single time I was about to get over the one before. Then I ended the month with the oh so great flu… This year I will not forget my flu shot! So with that being said my hubby and I have been through our share of colds, the flu, and strep throats which has led me to this post.

Learning how to take care of each other has come with its challenges…

For example… My sweet sweet hubby brought me some yummy, but also very hot soup to eat on the couch while I was down with the flu. I didn’t think anything of it until I had that tickle begin to rise in my nose…Yep…I sneezed that hot soup all over myself. Lesson learned there! 

So extra tip…Maybe don’t eat boiling hot soup on the couch…

Here are my tips and tricks I have learned from experiences and the endless phone calls to my mom about what to do. 

Head To The Store

This is a pro tip from my mama. Before anyone even gets sick, stock up on the essentials. Advil, Tylenol, chicken noodle soup, Popsicle’s, crackers, tea, Gatorade, and anything else you like to have when you are sick. These are must haves in the house because if you both wake up feeling awful, no one is going to want to head to the store to buy supplies! Be sure to have the Netflix ready and all your snacks and medicine prepared.

Doctor Visits

One of the hardest things for me to determine is when to call the Doctor. Luckily my mom is a nurse so I always end up calling her to see if we need to go in and see a doctor. In general, we try to wait about three days for a fever to break. If it continues or is very high then we will call and make an appointment because it may be a bacterial infection. In that case, we want to get started on antibiotics right away. 

Don’t Over help

When you are sick, one the hardest things is having to watch the person you love do all the work. I feel so bad when my hubby has work to do, has to make dinner, and clean up the house when I am feeling sick. So with that being said put yourself in the position of your sick spouse. They may feel overwhelmed with all that you are doing so be sure to take time for yourself in hopes that you don’t get sick as well! Do what you need to do, but spend time relaxing as well.


I could sit and watch TV pretty much all day and have no problem with that. My husband, on the other hand, hates sitting around and having to watch TV all day. So I like to give him other things he can do that don’t require that much effort. I will have him download some games on his phone to play, find a book I know he would like, or even an activity book. If you or your spouse don’t like being cooped up in front of the TV all day then this is a great alternative that still allows them to rest. 

Snuggle Up

Now I know that you might be thinking, “I am not going anywhere near my spouse when they are sick because I don’t want to get sick!” Well odds are you probably were already exposed to the germs anyway, but I am not saying that you should get super close either. I love when my hubby comes to join me on the couch while I am feeling yucky. He doesn’t have to snuggle up right next to me, but by my feet or on the other side of the couch is good as well. It feels nice to have some company nearby when you feel like a character in the movie Contagion. 


Get outside for some kind of physical activity. When your spouse is sick, it can make you feel cooped up as well. Take some time to get fresh air so that you can better care for your spouse when you get back. It doesn’t have to be an intense jog, but even a short walk to get your blood flowing and to breathe in some fresh air. 


What are some things you do when your spouse is sick? I would love to hear from you!


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  1. I love these ideas! My little boy and I were just sick and my hubby jumped in and ran the house. It was so amazing, but it also got me thinking about what I could do for him if he got sick. These are excellent ideas and such a great way of showing hubby how much he means! Great post!

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