8 Things Every Couple Should do Before Having a Baby

The idea of having a baby can come across as either terrifying or exciting, depending on who you are. If you are like me, some days I think that I want a baby right now, but other days I am completely terrified by the thought of taking care of a baby 24/7.

One of my deepest desires is to be a mom one day, but I know that once that day comes that our lives will change dramatically.

Logan and I spent a week last month in Las Vegas and Zion National Park. We had such a great time and somehow I ended up on top of Angels Landing…I’m still not exactly sure how that happened. Anyway while we were there we noticed many families with kids who you could just tell were not having as much fun as we were.

Hiking while carrying your 20 pound child doesn’t sounds like all that much fun now does it?

It made us (okay mostly me) take a step back from desiring to have a baby right away and focus on things we want to do before having a baby.

So I called on a couple wonderful moms to give me some advice in this area.

“What are some things you wish you would have done before having children?”

I also added some things Logan and I decided we wanted to do before we had a baby!



to do before kids (2)

This was probably the number one response I got from moms. Go to one place or a couple places that you have really been wanting to see! 


Start Saving

to do before kids (2)

Before that baby comes be sure to have the bank account to support your growing family! I know it contradicts the whole “travel” tip, but do your best to save what you can while leaving room to go and do things you love. Save for one big European vacation or for several small road trips!


Cook Meals Together

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Once the baby comes the little things like, cooking dinner become much harder. One has baby duty and the other is on dinner duty. Enjoy making meals together and trying new things! 


Go Out (A Lot!)

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Babysitters can be very expensive (I would know…) so get out and enjoy it while you can! It can be a nice dinner, a day trip to the beach/pool, or even out to a club if that is more your style!



to do before kids (4)

Creating a habit of exercise before the baby comes will help you to get back into that routine after having the baby. Be sure to put that jogger stroller on your baby registry! 

Create a Home Together

to do before kids

Moving with kiddos can be quite challenging! I think you can imagine… Although finances may not allow you to get the house, having a little house/apartment/condo that you make home will be perfect and help keep you from constantly moving around. 


Spend Weekdays Exploring

to do before kids (1)

This is similar to going out, but instead take that time after getting off work to go and do things! Explore, relax on the beach on a picnic blanket without having to chase any kids, or take a weekend getaway to places other than Disneyland or Chuckee Cheese! Have a date that you will remember!


Be Romantic

to do before kids

Once you have young ones running around, clinging to your hip, or crying it can be hard to have any kind of romance. Don’t neglect the romance now because it will only become more difficult once the kids come! Get in the habit of having a massage night, having a candle light dinner, or whatever you and your spouse find romantic!

The idea of starting a family brings so much joy to my heart. I am excited for that next stage in our life, but I am also striving to enjoy the right now. 

What are some things you suggest doing before having kids?! 


8 Things To Do Before Having Kids (3)8 Things To Do Before Having Kids (2)8 Things To Do Before Having Kids (1)

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