9 Tips you Must Try For Reconnecting with your Spouse at the End of the Day

When I hear that lock begin to turn, the door knob begin to twist, and see my hubby’s face peer through the door, it officially starts my favorite part of the day. Evenings together have become something very special in our house and has allowed us to reconnect after spending the day away! 

Whether you have the perfect after work routine or you sit around wondering what to do the whole evening (which we used to do), I believe this list will be helpful for you! 

I used to think I needed to have some grand plan worked out for our evenings in order to make the most out of our marriage, but it didn’t take long to realize how ridiculous that was. 

When I look back on my last summer I picture us spending our evenings laughing while playing bananagrams or snuggling while watching Planet Earth on Netflix. Those moments bring me so much joy to this day. The little things we would do together to relax after a long day away from each other were huge for reconnecting after the work day.  

This summer we have done many of the same things but have added a couple new games and new routines to our after work evenings to help us reconnect. 

So here is our after work activities to help us reconnect after a long day away!

Play Games

Some of our favorites are:

Bananagrams (Of course!)

Boss Monster (Don’t judge me until you play it! It’s actually a lot of fun even though I lose every time.) 

Farkle (The one game I can win at.)

Othello (An oldie but a Goodie.)

Battleship (I love this classic game, but Logan isn’t the hugest fan…)

Monopoly (I can never win this game, but maybe that is why it is addicting for me!) 

Go for a walk

Find a neighborhood you love and dream of which houses you would live in.

Find a pretty trail nearby your house to explore in nature after being cooped up all day. 

Or even just a walk downtown to grab some to go dinner or before dinner ice cream!

Find a hobby you both Love

We have recently started playing tennis together. It is a lot of fun because we are both terrible so we can just laugh the whole time… 

Watch an Evening Show

This may not seem like a very good way to reconnect, but it has really helped in our marriage. I am a huge TV fan, but Logan isn’t all that big on it. So we ended up finding a show, The Office, that we both love so we can snuggle and laugh together for 1 or 2 episodes when we want to just relax. Also we are almost done with it so any suggestions on what we should try next would be very much appreciated! 

Make Dessert

We don’t do this often because we are trying to be healthy so we usually stick with Yonanas, but every once in a while we will make something new and different together. I am a huge fan of altering boxed brownies to make them even better. Did someone say S’more brownies??!

Just Relax

Like I mentioned before I used to think I needed some big production ready when Logan got home. Turns out, some days he just wants to relax. He might play his guitar while I read a book or some days he likes to work on side projects so I will do some internet browsing on Pinterest or Amazon. It seems like we aren’t reconnecting since we are doing our own thing, but it really helps me not overwhelm him after he has been working all day. We can sit together while doing our own thing and striking conversation when we think of things instead of having the pressure of telling everything that happened during the day. 

Go Shopping

Okay this one is mostly for the ladies, but I love when Logan comes to shop with me! Not for clothes necessarily, but for homie items or even groceries. Some days we will plan a trip to the grocery store or Target if he is feeling up for it to pick up some fun dinners or something nice for the house!

Plan a Trip

It could be a weekend trip, a day trip, or a trip to another country for two weeks! Make plans together. Dream Together

Laugh Together 

Watch a funny YouTube video (or 20), tell a funny story from your day, reminisce about an embarrassing moment you two shared. Find something to laugh about and just let yourself relax and laugh!

I hope you found these tips helpful! I know finding things to do when you have only a short amount of your day left can be difficult, but we have found so much joy in these things. What are you some things you and your spouse like to do at the end of the work day? And for real what show should we watch after “The Office”?! 

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