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About Breezy Williams

I am 22 years old and married to the sweetest guy! Check out my blog to hear about things I have learned and am learning during my first years of marriage and great tips for you moms! I will soon be leaving my job as a nanny since we are moving for my husbands job then I will start blogging full time!

Valentine’s Day Party

Party planning is one of my absolute favorite things. I love picking out a theme, finding decorations, and cooking! When my husband and I were looking for an apartment to move into, one of the biggest things we looked for was if we could entertain or not. 

Although our apartment is small, we have an …

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20 Products Every Engaged Couple Needs On Their Registry

The most exciting part of wedding planning has finally come! You are strolling through the aisles of Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond scanning this and that. Creating your wedding registry is by far some of the most fun and frustrating times engaged couples have. It’s fun because you get to scan whatever the heck …

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10 Things Every Newlywed Woman Should Know


As you slip that sleek silver bracelet from your grandma onto your wrist and run through your vows with your coordinated bridesmaids one last time, the last thing on your mind is what is to come the next month. On our wedding day, our mind is focused on three things. 1) Don’t trip down …

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Gift Guide For The 20-Something Woman 

In honor of my 23rd birthday yesterday…YAY! I thought I would help you all out by doing a little gift guide. These are the items that have filled my birthday and Christmas list this year. 

The gifts every 20 something woman would want!

With my birthday being so close to Christmas I get …

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Christmas Gift Guide For Him

One of the hardest tasks can be picking out gifts for the man in your life. He may not have any idea of what he wants or maybe he simply doesn’t care and would be fine with anything. Well I did some serious interrogation this year on my husband to get a list for …

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15 Dates For Colder Weather

Dating is a crucial part of relationships. At the beginning of a new relationship, you date so you can get to know each other. You ask the questions that are most important to you… “Do you like dogs?” “Are you a fan of Netflix?” All very important questions… 

As the relationship continues you date to …

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6 Ways To Care For Your Spouse When They Have A Cold

You know how you often hear women bashing their husbands for becoming total babies when a cold hits? Well, in my house I have to admit that this is just not true. I am the one that is a complete baby about being sick and my husband handles it pretty well. 

Friends, the cold weather …

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10 Ways To Enjoy Your Marriage

Today I want to throw out a little challenge for you all! Lately, I have been doing my best to keep from rushing through life. Growing up I always struggled with enjoying the present. At 8 years old I was planning my sweet 16 birthday party. At 18 I was dropping serious hints to Logan …

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