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Big News is coming to Welcome to the Williams! 

These past 6 months of blogging have been so much fun! I have faced many challenges, but with each step I have learned new tricks and have grown as a person.  

To be honest, I have felt pretty uninspired recently though. I have been wanting to bring a little change to the blog, but I haven’t been sure how I wanted to do that. I knew I wanted to create a place to empower woman in whatever stage of life they are in but mainly focus on married woman. A place where woman can come to be encouraged, gain wisdom, and find creativity.  

Posts about marriage are near and dear to my heart because I am figuring it out along with the rest of you. Becoming a wife can be a difficult transition, but can also be a lot of fun. I hope my words will continue to inspire and encourage young wives and married couples for many years to come. I will continue to write about the things that are on my heart as a wife in order to help myself and others grow in their role as a wife as well. 

Although the kids section of my blog has been more of a challenge than I hoped since leaving the nanny world, I will continue to provide moms and nannies alike with my tips and tricks of parenting. I will dig into my brain to remember the things that worked and didn’t work during my years as a nanny. Eventually I hope to become a mom and I plan on keeping you all updated along with me during that time in my life. As for now, I will leave it as a place where I provide fun activities, discipline techniques, and advice. 

Okay Breezy so what’s the big announcement?? 

My love for blogging about my journey as a young wife and telling you all what I’ve learned as a nanny has been amazing but, I realize that it is time to add a little something extra. Something that has been on my heart for a while, but I wasn’t sure how to incorporate it. 

So without further ado…I introduce you to my newest category on the blog!

My Schedule as astay-at-home-wife (8)

Home Decor – Organization Tips – Party Planning

 Household Product Must Haves – Hosting – Routines – Creating a Home


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Since moving multiple times this past year I have struggled with creating a home. A place to feel at peace, relaxed, and able to entertain. Now that we moved yet again I am determined to create a home that is inspired by who Logan and I are. To be filled with things we love and people we love. 

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Follow along in my journey as you make your house, apartment, studio, or bedroom into a home. 



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