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How I Met My Prince Charming

I cannot believe we are already to our first year of marriage! This year has been full of adventure and excitement! I love getting to come home to my sweet hubby everyday (well I guess since I’m a stay-at-home blogging wife now… he comes home to me)! 

In celebration of one fabulous year …

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My Schedule as a Stay-At-Home Wife

Have you ever wondered what the modern day stay-at-home wife does? 

In today’s world it can be hard to make it (financially) without both the husband and wife working, but with the amazing online resources we have now it is possible for one spouse to stay home and work on blogging, free lancing, and many …

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10 Cheap Spring Date Ideas

Spring time in California has been exceptionally exciting this year! We have been getting more rain than we have in years, which is allowing spring time to be all the more beautiful! Not only are we getting a large amount of rain, we are getting perfect 75 degree days in between. Everywhere I look …

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5 Things I Learned About My Husband After We Got Married

Logan and I have been married almost a year now! June 18th 2017 will be our very first anniversary and man has it flown by fast! We’ve had some really great times and some really tough times, but through it all we have grown stronger and have learned to lean on Christ more and more. 

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