Gift Guide For The 20-Something Woman 

In honor of my 23rd birthday yesterday…YAY! I thought I would help you all out by doing a little gift guide. These are the items that have filled my birthday and Christmas list this year. 

The gifts every 20 something woman would want!

With my birthday being so close to Christmas I get a lot of people asking me if it bothers me. I think they are truly concerned that Christmas takes away from my birthday. Well…Honestly, I love it! My birthday is at the very start of the Christmas season so I love to have the house decorated with Christmas decor and there are always tons of town events. It makes my birthday that much more fun to have so many different things I get to do. 

Plus I usually have a very long Christmas list so this way it gets broken up into two holidays!

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The Wish List For Every 20-Something Woman

Yoga Mat : If they don’t already have one, then they are sure to want one! Yoga was never something I was interested in growing up because I am just not that flexible. Now in my 20’s I realize all the amazing benefits from it so it is on the top of my list! 

Wet Brush : One of my good friends from my childhood is my amazing hair stylist and recently suggested this brush to me. To my surprise my mom had one at her house so I gave it a try to see if it was all that great. Oh my goodness, I love it! My hair takes about 25 minutes or more to brush because it gets tangled so easily. This brush cut that time in half and was perfect for my very sensitive head.

Hot Glue Gun : This one might seem strange, but this is one of the many items I always just used at my parents house. Now that I have moved out, I realized how much I miss having one around! I may not be much of a crafter, but on those days I want too, this sure would be nice to have around!

Essential Oil Diffuser : I find the woman my age are gravitating to a healthier and more holistic lifestyle. Essential oils seem to be all the rage and honestly, I’ve only heard good things about them so why wouldn’t I want to try them out?!

Nike Walking Shoes: Although most (not all) ladies love to wear fancy shoes and find that your shoes complete their outfit, walking around in them may not be all that great. That is why these shoes are not only comfortable, but cute too. I live really close to downtown, but not close enough to be wearing heels! These would be perfect to keep me from ruining the style of my outfit by wearing my running shoes. 

Cookbook: I think it is safe to say that we never stop learning how to cook. We always need a good recipe to try out! My husband and I are going through a cookbook right now and it is so much fun! 

Hoop earrings: I don’t care what anyone says, these are going back in style! I absolutely love them and the classic silver go with any/all of my outfits.

Weights: Along with the healthy lifestyle I mentioned earlier, these are a great gift for the 20-something health nut woman in your life. Or wanna be health nut like me! 

Foam Roller: Sticking with the exercise idea, foam rollers are another great gift. I don’t run often so when I do I end up very sore. A foam roller may just convince me to run some more by working out a lot of that soreness. 

Wire Cooling Rack: I know many people have this, but I have still yet to buy one so onto my christmas list it goes! I love to bake, but my lack of a cooling rack has made it a little rough for me!

I would love to hear what some of your wish list items are! Christmas is right around the corner so be sure to order all those amazon products asap! Happy December friends!

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