Hosting Guests in a Small Space

Preparing for a guest while you live in an apartment can be a daunting task. The need to create a place of privacy is huge. Yet how can you do that when you have no extra room or even an extra bed for that matter? 

For most of us, we want our house to reflect who we are and allow for those we bring into our lives to feel comfortable. You might want to create a place where you can entertain easily or for people to feel at peace. 

As you read through this list of making your small space into your guests dream AirBnB, add in who you are. Colors, styles, accessories that you love can be incorporated. 

Blankets Galore

 No matter what season, blankets are a must. It may be to hide from the cold outside or to snuggle under while the A/C is running. Always keep blankets on hand so that your guest can feel free to grab another if they would like. 

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I would guess that most guests bring their own pillow, but if not always keep an extra one. That statement pillow you might keep on your bed would work great! 


Although your space may be small, it is important to create a place where your guest feels comfortable. So communicate your schedule while your guest is there. What time do you normally wake up? Do you have late night trips to the bathroom or the fridge? Be sure to let your guest know and ask them what their routine is usually like so you can maintain privacy as well.

Clean up

When having a guest come for a visit be sure to make time to clean up your space. If they are staying in your living room, make sure its vacuumed, dusted, and picked up. They don’t want to come into clutter and hair balls. The bathroom is another must clean. Be sure to wipe down the mirror, sink, toilet, and counters. I use the Magic Eraser to clean my sinks and tub (it works like a charm). I usually wipe down with the disinfectant wipes as well to make sure we aren’t leaving any sick germs. 

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Stock up that fridge! Double check with your guest if they have any food allergies so you can be sure to have what they need. Tell your guest what is okay for them to have in case they get hungry when you aren’t around. 

A Comfy Area to Sleep

When you don’t have a guest room or extra bed it can be hard to accommodate overnight guests. Be sure to make your guest aware of the sleeping arrangements before. If you have a couch that is comfy, a sleeping pad, or I recommend an air mattress, let them know before they show up and realize they are bedless! Whatever you are able to do be sure to load it with lots of comfortable blankets and pillows. 

Magazine or Books

Spending the night away from home can be difficult for some people. Different noises and commotion going on can keep your guest from getting a good nights sleep. Leave books or magazine out so your guest will be able to have something to do if they wake up early or stay up late. 

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Use these tips to ensure your guest will feel right at home during their visit! 


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