How I Met My Prince Charming

I cannot believe we are already to our first year of marriage! This year has been full of adventure and excitement! I love getting to come home to my sweet hubby everyday (well I guess since I’m a stay-at-home blogging wife now… he comes home to me)! 

In celebration of one fabulous year with the man of my dreams I thought I would share our story! I’m a sucker for a good love story and I think we wrote a pretty great one (I could just be biased…). I am also putting in some serious throwback pictures so I hope you enjoy!


Like this one! Our first date was a picnic in a beautiful place. We had no clue we would spend the rest of our lives together! (PS Some of these throwback pics have some lower quality unfortunately…)

It all started in Chemistry class…(I’m totally not joking here!) 

Logan and I were just Juniors in High School when we began to notice each other. (Okay, I began to notice him…) Our friend groups began hanging out together and God plopped us down right next to each other in Chemistry class. At the time I may have been thinking: “Score! I’m sitting next to the smartest kid in class.” But it was’t long before I realized he was much more than a smarty pants;) 


This pic is of us in that Chemistry class! Logan on the left in the grey sweatshirt and me on the right in the middle being a goof ball. 

I kept my crush a secret from all of my friends for a long time. I didn’t want anyone trying to tell me how I should feel about him. I did my best to flirt with him whenever I got a chance but there was always something about him that made me nervous. He seemed so complex and full of wisdom. Eventually it was time for the winter formal. I can’t remember how it all happened but somehow I may have slipped my secret with one of our mutual friends that I wanted to go to the dance with Logan. 

At the time I was upset I told him but that all changed when Logan did end up asking me. I was stoked! 


Here we are! Logan walked away from me during the ONLY slow dance because it was a country song and he doesn’t like country… In his defense, he says he didn’t know it was going to be the only slow song… 

After the dance, things didn’t change too much for us. We stayed next to each other in chemistry class and would always invite each other to group activities with our friends. We got more comfortable with each other but Logan wasn’t sure how he felt about me quite yet. 

By the time prom rolled around, I thought for sure he would ask me. This time I kept it to myself so he would ask me without someone else prompting. Then it was two short weeks until prom and he still hadn’t asked me. I was freaking out! 

Then just as I was about done with worrying about it, I come home to this on my front porch…


Yes he did owe me a dance for walking away during the only slow song! I had teased him about it perviously but he really did feel bad about it. 

Once prom was over we remained good flirty friends but he still had no plans to ask me to be his girlfriend quite yet. 

In fact, by the time I realized it had been a year since I started to “like” him, I was pretty much done with it.  (Ohhh, I feel like I’m in High School again!) 

He obviously didn’t feel the same way or he would have said something by now. 

Meanwhile all of Logan’s friends AND family had been bugging him about asking me to be his girlfriend. At the time it seemed like the whole world was questioning why he wouldn’t just ask me! 

This is what Logan says now, “I wanted to be sure that you could be the one. I was scared of making the wrong decision. So I waited to make sure it was right for both of us.”  

Logan spent months praying and asking God to show him if I was the right one. He asked friends and family what they thought of me and after getting much affirmation, he realized that he was ready to be with me. He was ready to take the next step. 

Whereas I was done! How could he wait this long to say anything! Then I got this text message from him:

“Hey! Would you like to meet me at Starbucks?”

Umm. Duh! I’ve got some words for you buddy!! 

Sitting at Starbucks Logan told me all about how he felt about me and I told him how I liked him for a whole year! Then I may have sort of… crushed his confidence… I told him I didn’t want to be his girlfriend BUT I would like to date him… (I know…what the heck? But I still believe it was for the best).

So we dated for three months before actually deciding that he could call me his girlfriend! 


We dated for 2 1/2 years before the man I have grown to love and cherish got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!


Logan completely surprised me. It was my birthday so he planned a day of adventure. I was hoping he would ask me but as the day went on, I felt like it wasn’t going to happen. Eventually I became a little irritated because he wasn’t asking me, then he asked me to climb down the rocks and onto the beach with him. I responded with “I like it better up here, I don’t want to go down there.” Poor Logan had everything set up for me! Eventually I agreed even though it was my birthday and I didn’t want to go! (How selfless right?!) Well I sure am thankful I did. 

When I first saw all the rose pedals and the picnic I thought “Oh shoot! We just walked right in the middle of someones engagement!” Then when I looked over to see Logan smiling, I realized it was for me… I immediately knew what was happening! I could barely contain my excitement. I even looked around trying to find someone who better be taking pictures! Then he asked and of course I said “YES!”. 

Our wedding day was an absolute fairytale and I was the princess getting to marry my prince charming! I always dreamed of this day and I couldn’t have asked for anything more! (Except maybe a different pair of feet were killing me!)



Today I am thankful for the sweet memories that were made this year! There were times where it did get hard, during my anxiety, but it helped me to love him even more! Logan allowed God to make him into the wonderful man he is and has been my voice of wisdom. 

Happy Anniversary Logan!! I love you!

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