“Marathon” Run

The Game: “Marathon” Run

Amount of time: 15-30 minutes

Materials required: 

  • One washable marker (kids can choose color) 


Kids can be so full of energy and some days you might want them to run around to get all their wiggles out! The problem is, you don’t want them running around tearing the house apart! Some days sending them outside to run around is just not an option. This game allows your kids to get plenty of wiggles out, but is organized so they (hopefully) won’t make a mess in the house!

The toddlers that I watch have so much fun with this and it allows me to relax on the couch while they did all the exercise (hard to beat that!). If you are just itching to read a magazine or get off your feet, then this is the game for you! The older your toddler, the longer it will last (at least in my case…).

This game will require you to do one run-through along side the kids so they can see how it is done.

How to play:

  • Starting near a couch (for relaxation purposes), run towards the furthest point inside your house. 

  • Once there, pick the first room for the kids to run into.

  • While they are in the room, give them some sort of task (hug the bear, touch the chair, do 5 jumping jacks, etc.). 

  • Then you can head to the next room and create a task for them to do there (you can choose how many rooms/places you want them to go before coming back). 

  • After they have completed the task, they can run back towards you on the couch. 

  • Once they reach you on the couch, place a small dot on their hand with the washable marker. (This was the most fun part of it because what toddler doesn’t want to get marker on themselves?) 


Now like I said the kids can get tired pretty quickly, but I was able to get about 6 runs in before they were done, lasting somewhere between 15-30 minutes. They took a lot of breaks! If you just need a moment to relax and not do much, then this is the game for you. 

Let me know how this game worked for you! 


The -Marathon- Run

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