Must Have Back to School Supplies for your Kids

It may not feel like it, but summer is officially coming to an end! It always seems to go by so fast! 

I can remember jumping in my mom’s blue 1994 Nissan Quest mini van (yes the quest has always been cool) with my magazine from Staples that had red permanent marker circled around each item I had to have for school. I remember one year, while back-to-school clothes shopping, picking out about five shirts that were pretty similar. I think they all said something like “10 things I’d rather be doing”. But I just had to have them in every color! By the time school actually started I realized I was too old for those kinds of shirts and they never got worn…Sorry mom!

Well after my many years of picking out the wrong things for back to school I think I finally have it down to a science. I spent a couple years with a family as a nanny that had 3 elementary aged kids and before the school year we would sit down with our markers and magazines to determine what would be the best things to buy!

After much research and personal experience here are this year’s must haves for back to school!

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Mechanical Pencils


I am not in school anymore, but I still use this pencil! Who needs the fidget spinner when you can spin this eraser up and down all day?!

Paper Mate Clearpoint 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil 








Stylish Notebooks



These Notebooks are so fun and very useful! Spiral notebooks have been and always will be my favorite type of notebook.

Studio Oh! Hardcover Spiral Notebook

notebookI found these ones and fell in love! They have a few different designs to choose from and they are all very cute!




Pencil Pouch



A pencil pouch is essential to your child’s back to school gear. In order to fit all those markers, scissors, gel pens, and whatever else your child picks out on your next Staples run you need a pencil pouch that will keep your kiddos organized.

Pencil Case, Homecube Large Capcity

As for the minimalist, check out this smaller, but fun pencil pouch!fun pencil pouch.jpg

ZIPIT Grillz Pencil Case



White Board 

white board


What kid doesn’t want to practice their addition, writing, times tables on a white board? I still use a white board for all my blog ideas! The days I did my best studying was using a white board, pretending to be the teacher, and “teaching” my class of stuffed animals. This is a great tool for kids of any age! 


These decorative erasers are the perfect addition erasers
to starting off the school year right! This pack
actually comes with all four of those designs.
You’re kids will love being able to have this
fun eraser out on their desk!


Paper Mate Expressions Decorated Erasers



plannerI remember getting the school planners as a kids but never liking them. They always had some generic design and everyone’s looked the same. I wasn’t a fan. Eventually we decided I could get my own planner that would be fun and my style! I came across these animal planners and they were so perfect! This is exactly what I needed as a kid. Great for writing down any homework, play dates, hot lunch, and whatever else they want!




Along with those planners, you’re going to need these fun stickers! This pack comes with every season so you can add them onto the calendar for the appropriate days and holidays! Plus you can even use them on your mom calender to help add a little more fun!


Back to School Sign

back to school signI am sure you have seen these everywhere and if you haven’t taken the time to get one of these, you need to! They are so cute and what better way to document your kids first day of school. Think about comparing what it will say in 1st grade compared to their senior year of High School (if you can keep it going that long)! There are different designs all over, but this one is one of my favorites!


1st Day of School Books

I have found a few books that you might find helpful to read to your kiddos before sending them off on their first day of school!book1

The first book I found was “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To School” . This is a great book to start the school year off and is sure to bring both you and your child some laughs! 
book 2“The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes” is another great one. This book will help your kiddos see that it is okay to make mistakes sometimes. 




“Froggy Goes To School” was one of my favorites from growing up so I had to add it to the list! This one is sure to bring smiles and ease some fears for you little ones. 


Lunch Box

moana lunch

Your daughters are going to love this Moana Lunch box! I am sure you have watched the movie on repeat all summer long so let them bring Moana to school with them! 


pp lunch box




If your son isn’t as big of a Moana fan then check out this Paw Patrol lunch box! This seller has tons of different lunch boxes depending on what show/movie your child likes best!


With all these back to school supplies your kids will be ready to face their first day of school! Whether they are starting 1st grade or 6th grade these items are sure to be a big hit! (Okay, the books may not be that big of a hit with your 5th and 6th graders… but great for the younger ones!) 

What are some of your back to school essentials?! 


Back To School Essentials (1)Back To School Essentials

Back To School Essentials (2)

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