The Truth Behind Being a New Blogger

A little less than a year ago my life changed in a way that I never expected. I was three months into my marriage, driving three hours away from my new husband weekly to attend school, and preparing for our second move together.

Becoming a Nurse was my dream job. I was one class away from applying to Nursing Schools.

Yes! This was it! I was finally going to make myself and my family proud!

Whenever I saw people in need it would kill me to just sit there unable to help. But that was all about to change! I was on my way to nursing school. 

But then I wasn’t. 

In a matter of weeks all those dreams came crashing down on top of me. I was overcome by anxiety that left me shaking and in tears daily. My new husband holding me and asking God for direction.

A nursing degree was no longer attainable for me. At least not then and not now. The constant studying of the very diseases that I felt would somehow lead to my demise became too much for me. I had to drop out of class. 

Okay that’s enough of the sad dream crashing story…

God did give me hope. Hope that I can still make a difference. That I could still help people. And hope that one day my story will lead to someone else’s victory.

I became a blogger.

Entering the blogging world I had major encouragement from everyone around me. My husband and my mom were very adamant about me becoming a blogger. I eventually looked into it and saw that it seemed like it would be a great way for me to share my knowledge and my story and make money…eventually. I decided to give it a shot!

I wrote my first few posts, set up my theme, asked my hubby to do some programming, and got ready to launch! I created a new Instagram (which I was very excited about) and a new Pinterest. As the day to launch came closer I started to tell people about it through my personal Instagram and whoever I would run into. 

Launch day came and I was filled with excitement. It took weeks but I had finally finished my post about my journey with anxiety. I posted about it on my personal and my new professional Instagram. I watched the number of views very carefully the whole first month. 








My first month of blogging and I had gotten 805 views on my brand new blog! But as the months passed those number got lower.

And lower. 

Logan and I moved yet again and I officially became a full time blogger. I came close to but not nearly close enough to that first month launch views.  

Blogger tip: Before launching your blog be sure to set up an email list! 

I still struggle with many things since I am a new blogger. The need to Google every little thing can make a girl go crazy. 

The lack of self-control when finding posts about “Making Money by Blogging” happens daily.  I am and always will be hopeful that I will learn some new trick. 

The comparison game is strong.

People have began to question when I will get a “real” job. 

And the whole “make blogging friends” thing hasn’t come easy for me. I have a hard enough time making friends with the people that I run into in my daily life! 

But I love it. 

I love that I get to write to inspire, educate, and well… vent sometimes. 

I have only made $1.31 in these past 4 months (shout out to the person who bought the watch using my link, thank you) but I will continue to work hard. To get my not-so-perfectly designed Canva Pins to the top of that Pinterest feed. To reach the 1,000 views a month threshold. And to be sponsored by brands that I know and love. 

It’s the dream of an aspiring blogger. One day I hope my words will bring joy to the thousands who read it. That they can laugh, cry, and learn along with me. To know that on the darkest days, they are not alone because I will not hold back. I will show you the honest. The real. And the hard. 

Being a new blogger is hard, but each of you who takes the time to read my blog are precious to me. It means the world to me that you would come and enter into my world, even just for a little bit. 


The Newbie Blogger


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